As the University's foremost provider of student services and educational access, the Division of the Vice Provost for University Life (VPUL) enhances the ability of Penn students to reach their fullest potential through diverse academic, personal, and professional development experiences in support of the Penn Compact. 

With abundant cultural, social and service programs and departments, the Division addresses the evolving needs of the student community. VPUL fosters a welcoming, supportive and stimulating environment, providing 25,000 undergraduate, graduate, and professional learners opportunities to promote health and wellness, develop intellectually, get involved, and grow.
From campus co-curricular activities to civic events across the city, Penn students, faculty, staff, and community members enjoy a university life richly integrated with the world.

Department of Residential Services

The Department of Residential Services manages residential and hospitality services in support of on-campus residents in the College Houses and Sansom Place, as well as faculty, staff and guests of the University. The department also manages the Office of Off -Campus Services which provides educational and advisory services to those seeking housing in Penn’s off-campus neighborhoods.
(215) 898-3547

Some operations overseen by Residential Services include:

• Management of the room assignment process
• Execution of Move-In and Move-Outa
• Staffing the Information Centers which serve as a hub of service and support, guest and visitor access to buildings;managing keys, including access to keys for students who are locked out; sales of tokens and stamps; and acting as a liaison between Facilities and Real Estate Services and the residents.  

Our Office of Off-Campus Services

supports students in their off-campus housing search by providing information on local rental listings, rates and leasing agent contact materials.  Additionally, Off-Campus Services provides educational programs, individual advising, and referral resources for students with questions or concerns related to landlord or tenant, roommate, or other issues related to living off campus. 

The “Family and Friends” tab on the Residential Services webpage, is updated frequently through the year with contact information, helpful links and dates for important on-campus processes such as Move In, Room Selection, Move Out and University closings. Off campus links and information and resources can also be reached through the Residential Services webpage. 
You can also stay in the loop by signing on to the Parent Listserv: at to receive Penn Dining and Residential Services email updates.

The Office of College Houses and Academic Services (CHAS)

eleven College Houses accommodate approximately 5,500 undergraduates. Sansom Place, while not a College House, is home to roughly 370 undergraduate and approximately 700 graduate students and is operated by the Department of Residential Services. That department also works closely with CHAS to provide an environment conducive to academic success and enrichment for on-campus residents. The College Houses represent more than a century of architectural styles and offer a wide variety of accommodations.  A student’s home is the cornerstone of college life, and at Penn, there’s a wonderful range of homes from which to choose. College House life is about strong communities, close connections with live-in Penn faculty, fun and informative events, and leadership opportunities.  Collectively, the Houses offer over 30 smaller, tight-knit communities called Residential Programs that unite people devoted to a particular passion or interest. From Ancient Studies to Scientific Adventures to Medical Care and Medical Challenge, residents can gain enormous personal and pre-professional experience from membership. The Spanish, German, French and Arabic programs in Gregory even offer academic credit for in-House participation.  A complete list is available online